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What does Al Ikhlas Academy offer

Quran Memorization (Tahfiz)

The sacred practice of memorizing the verses of the Quran, fostering a deep spiritual connection and preserving its divine wisdom.

Quranic Recitation Correction (Tajweed)

The art of perfecting Quranic recitation through precise rules of pronunciation and intonation, enhancing the beauty and impact of the divine verses.

Quran Reading Basics

This course will teach you the basics of reading the Quran with the best Quran teachers on on the web. Learn how to read Arabic letters, words, verses and complete surahs of the Quran – and eventually be able to read the entire Quran! You will also learn how Arabic letters are combined or separated, as well as how to read words, and short and long sentences. A focus on Arabic diacritics will allow you to read Arabic words rather than memorize them.

Quran Recitation with Tajweed

Through personalized online sessions, this course will help you recite the Quran, with an emphasis on correct Tajweed rules. You or your child will learn all the rules and pronunciation of Tajweed and pronounce diacritics correctly with our practical learning application. Our method guides you step by step through reading aloud. Background in Arabic and Quran is not needed.

Online Quran recitation course with Tajweed emphasis
No prior knowledge needed, step-by-step guidance
Anything You Need

Learn Quran recitation online with a focus on Tajweed. No prior knowledge required, as we provide step-by-step guidance.

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