Our Students

We want to thank all our students who did their best and strived to learn the Quran and Arabic and thank all the parents who seek to teach their children about Islam and the right Quran recitation and memorization. Thank you for giving us your positive feedback which helps us continue and strive to do our best and provide you with the services that you need.

Here are some of the Testimonials of our students and parents: 

Extremely attentive and helpful service. The instructor is excellent—so kind, kind, and helped me a lot. Additionally, she is very perceptive and engaging, which makes the subject interesting and fun to learn. This is the best Quran teaching academy; I would highly suggest the academy and the highly Qualified teachers to anyone who seeks to learn the Quran.

I was really concerned about online learning when I started taking the Quran tajweed course, but my teacher has made it quite simple for me, it is truly the best place to study Islam. I want to thank my teacher and I encourage you to start your learning journey with Al-Ikhlas Academy.

I have been searching for female Quran teachers for a while and the process was overwhelming until I finally found Al-Ikhlas Academy and started learning with them. My teacher is very helpful, and she always makes a great effort to review all the topics, which is excellent. I'll stay with her for a while until, in Allah's I fully memorize the holy Quran.

The teacher is just the BEST, and I am very delighted with him. I am learning so much, plus you get to choose your teacher with male Quran teachers or female teachers, which is something that you won’t find anywhere else.

My tutor is extremely competent, patient, and helpful. I have already learned a lot from her, and I want to thank her for helping me learn Arabic easily, she made learning Arabic fun and easy, this is the best Quran academy, and I encourage anyone who wants to learn Arabic to learn with them.

My teacher is very good, he is a great teacher, and I really enjoyed his class. Additionally, after I finished the course, I received a certificate in Islamic studies, which made me really proud of myself.

The teacher is an excellent teacher, and my son is getting better at reading and reciting. He has grown to love learning the Quran and enjoys the lesson, the teacher shares all his knowledge with him in a fun and easy way. If you are searching for the best Quran academy for your kid I advise you to enroll him in this academy.

May Allah bless you all, including the teachers, and grant them the ability to continue educating our kids all they need to know about deen. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work.

My son has learned a tremendous amount and will keep learning. I appreciate you teaching him the most significant life lessons and how to implement what they learned in his daily life. Thank you to our fantastic teacher. My son has made amazing progress he can now pronounce each letter perfectly.

We appreciate having such a wonderful teacher, and may Allah reward you all. The instructors are doing outstanding work. I will unquestionably suggest AlIkhlas Academy to anyone else who wants the best place to study Islam. Thank you for your great efforts

I will definitely recommend AlIkhlas Academy anytime in a heartbeat as I’m very happy with my wonderful teacher and I learned a lot from him. Thank you for all you do may Allah bless you.

I want to thank my teacher, he is a patient and helpful person.

I'm so relieved to have at last found a tutor who can help and instruct my son, this is the best Quran academy and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the Quran.

Assalamualykum, the lesson was nice because the teacher made sure I understood the material that will be covered and there was a good emphasis on pronunciation. The instructor was patient and helpful. He checked to see whether I understood each topic before moving on to the next one.

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