Noor Al-Bayan

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Together, let's pave the way towards language excellence and open new doors of opportunity through the mastery of Arabic reading and writing. Join Our Academy, where the transformative power of education awaits to guide you through this remarkable voyage. Whether you're looking to enrich your child's language skills or fulfill your own language-learning aspirations, Our Academy welcomes you to join the noor al bayan quran course. Take the first step towards a fulfilling linguistic journey, where both you and your child can explore and master the beauty of the Arabic language together


Noor al bayaan is a renowned educational methodology designed to help individuals, particularly children, improve their reading and writing skills in Arabic. It focuses on aiding those who struggle with these fundamental language abilities. The author, Professor Tarek El-Saeed, developed a comprehensive guide titled "Al-Fawa'id Al-Hasan fi Sharh noor al bayaan" to explain the methodology and provide further insights into the noor al bayaan approach.

The online version of "noor al-bayan" offers a structured curriculum that covers essential aspects of Arabic reading and writing, including letters, sounds, words, and sentences. It often employs interactive lessons, multimedia resources, exercises, and assessments to engage and enhance the learning experience. Our Academy invites you to join the ranks of passionate language enthusiasts, explore the beauty of the Arabic language, and achieve fluency with the noor al-bayan course.

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