Fiqh Course (kids)


Many parents have become very aware of the importance of teaching their children fiqh in islam . So many of them are looking for a Fiqh Course for kids. Let us talk in the following lines about the importance of teaching Fiqh to our children and how to learn fiqh online and learn more about the online fiqh courses offered by alikhlas academy.

The Fiqh Course for kids at alikhlas academy is designed specifically for their age and level of understanding. It is also attractive, interactive, and focuses on practical jurisprudential aspects.

Below are some of the topics that can be covered in the fiqh classes online for children at alikhlas academy:

1-Introduction to Fiqh What is fiqh in islam? Why is it important? What are the different sources of Fiqh ?

2-purity (purity) In the Fiqh Course for kids they will know What is purity? Why is it important? How to perform ablution and wash.

3-The prayer The principles of prayer, including types of prayer, pillars of prayer, and etiquette of prayer.

4-Zakat (charity) In online fiqh courses our kids learn What is zakat? Who must pay zakat? What are the different types of zakat?

5-Fasting The basics of fasting, including the provisions of fasting during the month of Ramadan, the etiquette of fasting, and the reward for fasting in the Fiqh Course for kids.

6-Hajj (Pilgrimage) Hajj basics, including the different stages of Hajj, Hajj requirements, and the benefits of Hajj.

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