Our Islamic Studies

OUR Islamic Studies

Unlock The Treasures Of Arabic And The Quran

Aqidah Course (kids)

With Alhafidz Academy Tajweed Quran online course, you will learn the various Tajweed rules in the hands of professional teachers

Fiqh Course (kids)

The Fiqh Course for kids at Alhafidz Academy is designed specifically for their age and level of understanding. It is also attractive, interactive, and focuses on practical jurisprudential aspects

40 Nawawi Hadith

The 40 Nawawi Hadith is a collection of forty-two hadith (sayings and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad) that are considered to be the most important and comprehensive in Islam.

Hadith science course

Hadith are considered the second most important source of Islamic law or Sharia. The majority of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad is derived from hadiths

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic is a great start for any non-Arabic speaker who seeks to learn Arabic

Egyptian Arabic Dialect

If you seek to learn Egyptian Arabic you need to search no more, with our Egyptian Arabic dialect course you will learn to speak like a native speaker in no time

Advanced Arabic

Enroll right away in the Alhafidz Academy advanced Arabic course online to get started learning and quickly improve your Arabic

Online Arabic Course

If you are searching for an Arabic learning online course to help you achieve your goal so you came to the right place.

Aqidah Course (kids)

Fiqh Course (kids)

Quran Hadith

40 Nawawi Hadith

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