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Who we are?

Al Ikhlas Academy is a prominent institution committed to teaching Quran memorization, Tajweed skills, and Arabic language expertise. Our academy provides comprehensive and structured courses taught by expert instructors to help students build a solid foundation in Quranic studies and Arabic language competence. Students can attain their goals of increasing their Quranic understanding and mastering the art of Quranic recitation through our helpful and engaging study environment, while also achieving fluency in the rich Arabic language.

The goals of Al-Ikhlas Academy are to impart a thorough understanding of the Qur’an, perfect recitation, foster love for the Qur’an, and improve religious and moral values in society, which includes teaching Arabic and getting certification (Ijazah), as well as Islamic studies.¬†

Why Choose Us?


All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They have many years of experience in teaching kids and adults. Our teachers use unique teaching strategies not just to ensure your understanding, but also to make you love and enjoy learning Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies.

Our expert teachers are of high experience in teaching to children, they employ fun and engaging tactics to encourage kids to interact and gain their interest throughout the lesson. which is something not all teachers can do. This makes your kids love learning and understand the importance of what they learn, instead of just explaining the lesson.    

With Al Ikhlas Academy’s professional teachers, you get to learn from the comfort of your home at any time of your choice. Whether you want to learn Quran or Arabic our teachers will ensure your complete understanding.

Furthermore, in our online Quran classes you will learn how to recite the Quran like our beloved prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to, you will learn the rules of Tajweed, how to recite the Arabic Quran, in addition to how to reflect upon the verses of the Quran and apply what you learn into your life to become a good Muslim.

Why alikhlas-academy is your ideal choice ?

We make all of our courses available to you at any time of your choosing since we understand how busy you are and how challenging it is to change your calendar to a set time. All of our courses are offered online. There is no longer a need to hustle or fit learning Arabic and Quran into your schedule in order to memorize the Quran or study Arabic. Choose the online Quran classes or Arabic classes that suit your needs and start learning.

We have the best Quran teachers, all of the instructors at our academy are highly qualified, certified and have years of experience in teaching both adults and children. Additionally, you will enjoy and love learning because our teachers use effective and interesting teaching strategies.

You will receive a completion certificate at the end of the course as proof that you have finished the material and mastered all of the assessments and quizzes.

You can take a free trial session in any course of your choice to check if the courses meet your needs and expectations because we are aware that locating and selecting a reliable online academy to assist you in learning Quranic Sciences and the Quran online quickly and effectively is not an easy procedure. Let’s say you want to see the Islamic studies curriculum first and try one lesson, with us, you can do so easily.

The courses can be paid for conveniently and securely using the method of your choice.

Our Quran classes are the best available online, and each one is tailored to ensure that you thoroughly comprehend each topic. Our Quran Teachers use and adjust the learning strategy based on your needs.

We provide you with the best online Quran classes and Arabic classes, and all of our classes are tailored to ensure that you thoroughly comprehend each topic. When you have a question, you can ask the teacher at any time because you can contact them.

In order to ensure your understanding and to refresh your memory of what you have already learned, the teacher will recap what you have learned by the end of each lecture and will review it at the beginning of the subsequent session. This helps you learn more easily, for instance, when taking Quran Tajweed classes, you need to revise each rule every now and then, and that’s what you will achieve with our courses.

All of our instructors are native Arabic speakers, which helps you learn the proper Quran recitation as well as improve your Arabic pronunciation and provide you the opportunity to practice your language with a native speaker‚ÄĒsomething you won’t find in any other Quran academy.

All of our courses are reasonably priced because Al-Ikhlas Academy wants to make it easier for all Muslims worldwide to learn the Quran, Islam, and Arabic.

Your instructor will conduct tests to check for your understanding and track your progress. Additionally, assignments will be given at the end of each course to help you put what you have learned into practice.

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