Arabic Conversation Course


It is necessary to acquire Arabic in order to fully comprehend the words of the holy Quran without the aid of a Tafsir or English translation. Have you ever started learning something on your own and given up? Did you begin learning and then feel that you couldn't continue studying independently? Do you think learning Arabic is difficult?

We are aware of your numerous attempts and best efforts, and the fact that you have come to this course now indicates that you are moving closer to mastering Arabic. You are at the right place if you're looking for an online Arabic speaking course to assist you in reaching your goal. One of the most used languages around the world is the Arabic language, it is used in more than 25 countries as an official language, with millions of people speaking it, and many trying to learn it. Currently, the demand for Arabic speakers is increasing and will keep increasing in the future. So if you seek to find a better job opportunity or want to live in an Arab country then it is better to start learning and enhancing your Arabic. Also, Allah revealed the holy Quran to our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in Arabic. Allah says in the holy Quran: إِنَّا جَعَلْنَـٰهُ قُرْءَٰنًا عَرَبِيًّۭا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ ٣ “Certainly, we have made it a Quran in Arabic so perhaps you will understand.”

Learning it helps you understand the second-largest religion in the world, and if you are a Muslim then it must be a dream to read the Arabic Quran and reflect upon its verses. Therefore, we made various Arabic courses to help you reach your goal in a short time with the help of professional tutors to guide you along the way. You just need a plan to follow and an instructor to help you; learning Arabic is not difficult. You still can't find a conversational Arabic course that fulfills your needs, despite the fact that you are not asking for much. But fear not the Arabic Conversation Course from Al Ikhlas Academy satisfies all your requirements. Since all of our instructors are native Arabic speakers, you will learn the correct word pronunciation as well as how to pronounce each letter precisely, enabling you to speak the language fluently by the end of the course.

The next step to enhance your language is working on your accent, if you want to speak like a native Arabic speaker. Our Arabic speaking online course is designed to help you learn the right pronunciation of each word, even if the word is new to you, it won’t be a problem.

Tell me, do you speak Arabic fluently in your head but when you start speaking to others you stutter and can’t find the words to express yourself? Don’t worry, it happens to us all, and the solution to this problem is learning new vocabulary and how to use them properly, and strengthening your confidence in yourself. The best way to do so is by practicing your Arabic by enrolling yourself in Al Ikhlas Academy conversation course.

This course is designed to help you develop and enhance your speaking skills, whether you are at the intermediate level or beginner this course will level up your language. During the lessons, you get to practice your conversational skills with a native Arabic speaker. He will teach you how to pronounce correctly, and you get to learn the language from a native speaker.

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