Aqidah Course (kids)


The principles of the aqidah islam are something that must be instilled in a Muslim from a young age. In addition, the child must be brought up on aqidah muslim from a young age. Therefore, we have designed an Aqidah Course for kids. Through the aqidah online course, many matters related to the science of the aqidah islam and the most important principles that must be discussed.

Regarding the importance of learn aqidah online to a Muslim from a young age, here is the Aqidah Course for kids. These courses contain various topics related to the aqidah islam. In addition, we use different methods to explain the concepts of the aqidah muslim to the child, including:

1- Using the question and answer method to learn aqidah, as our Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, did.

2- Introducing the child to the Allah he worships, to love him, then to obey him and fear him. This is done by simplifying the unification of nouns and adjectives for the child in different ways that suit him, some of which we mention here.

3- Introducing the child to the Prophet whom he follows and emulates, loves him, obeys him, and does not disobey him, through stories, especially those related to his childhood. May Allah bless him and grant him peace, as well as his attitude toward children and his kindness to them, describing his appearance, and mentioning his noble moral positions.

4- Explain to the child and meditate with him (the verses) that contain aqidah meanings from the surahs that he has memorized. Example: Al-Fatihah, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, Al-Nas.

5- We explain to the child some jurisprudential hadiths or parts of them that suit his level of thinking, in a simple, endearing style, with a smiling face, and in brief phrases that his mind can comprehend.

6- Linking the situations and events that occur in a child’s life to aqidah muslim. For example: If he becomes ill, his heart is attached to Allah, we teach him to pray, good intentions and ruqyah.

7- Repeat in front of the child phrases that develop and consolidate aqidah, then use them automatically, such as: Allah has destined and done what He wills , Trust in Allah, There is no god but Allah, Allah sees you, Allah is strong, Allah is generous and Glory be to Him.

8- With the help of the parents or educator, the child decorates his classroom and bedroom with religious phrases such as: I am a Muslim, I love Allah and fear Him, Types of worship and Pillars of aqidah. These are educational means that are imprinted in his mind with frequent viewing.

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