About ikhlass online academy

  • Al Ikhlas Academy is a dedicated Islamic educational center focused on delivering high-quality Islamic education for individuals spanning various age groups. Our goal is to cultivate a solid Islamic base, encourage spiritual development, and uphold standards of academic prowess.
  • We are located at Cairo Egypt. You can find us effortlessly using popular-known navigation apps or by contacting our administration for precise directions.
  • To access Al Ikhlas Academy Online, simply visit our website through the following link: [https://alikhlas-academy.com/].
  • For further  information about Al Ikhlas Academy, feel free to reach out via our Contact Us page on the website, send us an email at info@alikhlas-academy.com , or give us a call at (+20)112883346. Our team is eager to assist and provide you with the information you need.
  • To communicate with instructors at Al Ikhlas Academy Online, all communications are organized through the Academy coordinator.

Courses, Classes, and tutors

  • Our curriculum encompasses  Islamic studies, Quranic studies, Arabic language, and various academic subjects.
  • Certainly! At Al Ikhlas Academy, we provide diverse extracurricular offerings, encompassing Quranic studies, Arabic language courses, and enriching cultural programs. Our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive education extending beyond traditional academics.
  • Absolutely! At Al Ikhlas Academy Online, our instructors are highly qualified and possess significant expertise in their relevant domains
  • At Al Ikhlas Academy, we maintain one-to-one classes to ensure personalized attention, efficacy, and dedicated focus on the progress of each student.
  • The majority of our sessions at Al Ikhlas Academy are live to uphold student commitment and maintain a serious learning environment. However, recorded sessions are also available through coordination with the academy coordinator.
  • Access to course materials after course completion may be available for a limited duration, subject to the specific course’s policies.
  • We use a combination of assessments, quizzes, and assignments to monitor student progress.

For whom are the courses at Alikhlas Academy intended?

  • Yes, we offer programs for students of all ages, from children to adults.
  • No, our online academy warmly welcomes students of all faiths who have an interest in learning about Islam and Islamic studies

How to enroll ?

  • To initiate the enrollment process for your child at Al Ikhlas Academy, kindly visit our website’s Admissions page. Where there is a  comprehensive guidance on how to apply, including access to application forms and essential enrollment dates.
  • Certainly! Prior to enrolling, you have the option to schedule free trial sessions with our academy. Additionally, recorded videos for our students are accessible on the academy’s website.
  • To participate in classes at Al Ikhlas Academy Online, you’ll require a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity. Detailed software requirements will be furnished upon enrollment.
  • Prerequisites are specified in the course descriptions, and some courses may require prior completion of specific levels.

Timings and scheduales

  • Certainly! The majority of course materials are accessible 24/7, providing flexibility for your learning schedule.
  •  Course schedule changes can be accommodated, subject to availability and adherence to course policies
  • The duration to complete an online Islamic studies program varies based on the specific course and the pace at which the student progresses.

Support and Privacy

  • At Al Ikhlas Academy Online, we give paramount importance to our students’ privacy and security. Our approach includes strict adherence to comprehensive data protection policies.
  •  We offer academic support, counseling, and technical assistance to online students.

payment and refund policies

  •  You can find information about tuition fees and payment methods on our website.
  • Yes, we offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities to families who qualify. Please reach out to our administration for more information on the application process.
  • Our refund policy can be found in the terms and conditions on our website.
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