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Allah says in the holy Quran: وَرَتِّلِ ٱلْقُرْءَانَ تَرْتِيلًا ٤ “And recite the Quran ˹properly˺ in a measured way.” (Al-Muzzammil, verse 4)

As Muslims, we all seek to recite the verses of the holy Quran correctly and perfectly. However, we stumble upon many difficulties, let it be complicated words, verses that are hard to understand, mispronouncing letters, or not finding a good tajweed teacher. This led to being frustrated and failing to understand the meaning of the verses. Especially for non-Arabic speakers, as the Arabic Quran is not easy to recite.

Then how are we supposed to learn and read the holy Quran? Isn’t there any easy way, or something that can help me learn faster? Actually, there is, Quran Tajweed is what helps you read the verses of the Quran without any difficulties. All you have to do is to follow some rules which will ease the process for you more than you can imagine.

With Tajweed classes for adults offered by Al Ikhlas Academy, you will learn the various Tajweed rules in the hands of professional teachers. Our teachers are highly qualified and certified, and they can help you learn each rule easily using the best teaching methods and techniques.

When we learn the various Tajweed Rules, it helps us understand the meaning of the verses of the holy Quran. This in turn leads to building strong connections with its verses and strengthens our faith in Allah. From the Quran, we learn that everything happens for a reason and that Allah will not put us on a test that is more than we can bear.

Therefore, instead of facing every hardship with annoyance and questioning Allah’s will, we learn to be patient and trust that everything happens for a reason and that Allah wants the best for us.

Our beloved prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. When Allah loves a people He tests them. Whoever accepts that wins His pleasure but whoever is discontent with that earns His wrath.” [Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (2396) and Ibn Maajah (4031); classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.]

As Muslims, we have to build stronger attachments with the holy Quran, learn from it, and let it guide us to the right path. And to do so easily you can learn the Quran with tajweed online with a professional tutor.

When learning how to recite the holy Quran perfectly you get to understand the meaning of the verse which brings you closer to Allah and strengthens your faith in him. You will learn to become a better Muslim and to reflect upon what you learn and apply it in your everyday life.

Ubadah ibn as-Samit said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) say: “There is no man who suffers an injury to his body, then he forgives [the one who caused it] as an act of charity, but Allah will absolve his sins commensurate with the extent of his charity.” [Ahmad (21643), Classed as sahih by al-Albani in as-Sahihah, 2273]

In our online tajweed for adults, you will not just learn the rules of tajweed, you will learn the stories of the holy Quran, you will learn how to read the Arabic Quran, how to pronounce all the Arabic letters correctly, the articulation point of each letter, and more.

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