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The Ultimate Guide: Learn Complete Classical Arabic with Ease

According to many, learn complete classical arabic is considered one of the most difficult languages compared to other languages around the world, especially for beginners and those who are not native Arabic speakers. 

However, learning the arabic language is important and necessary for many people, especially because of the Arab and Islamic culture spread throughout the world.

In this article, we will talk about the best way to learn classical arabic for non-native speakers, and provide some important tips that must be followed to achieve success to learn classical arabic, and for learning it to become more effective and easier.

What is the most effective way to learn Arabic?

The ideal way to learn complete classical arabic to beginners depends on individual goals and needs. But there are some well-known methods that have proven effective for beginners in learning the arabic language, which are:

Use of technical resources: 

Using technical resources such as educational programs, e-books, and smart applications available on smartphones will make learning arabic language enjoyable and give the student the opportunity to study at any time and place.

Interacting with Arabic speakers:

Working on building a network of Arabic-speaking people allows beginners to interact with the language better. Arabic-speaking study partners or teachers can be found online or in arabic language communities.

Listen and speak regularly: 

Beginners should speak Arabic and listen to conversations regularly. Voice chat platforms can be used to develop listening and speaking skills.

Reading and writing: 

Beginners must work on developing their reading and writing skills simultaneously. Short stories and educational materials available on the Internet can be used.

Enrolling in educational courses: 

Beginners can enroll in educational courses in the arabic language offered by Al ikhlas academy. These courses are not only educational, but also provide opportunities to interact with teachers and other students.

How can I learn Arabic completely?

In addition to the courses offered by Al ikhlas academy, which include the best way to learn classical arabic, and thus help Muslims to learn complete classical arabic, there are more other methods that help you learn arabic language, including:

Start by learning the basics

Before you start learning arabic language, it is important to learn the basics. This includes learning the alphabet, sounds and basic grammar. You can find many resources available online or in libraries to learn these basics.

Practice the language every day

Practice is the key to learning any language. Therefore, it is important to practice arabic language every day. You can do this by reading Arabic books, newspapers, and magazines, watching Arabic movies and TV shows, or talking to native Arabic speakers.

Teaching the Arabic language at an early age

Research shows that children begin learning the sounds of language before they are born. In the womb, the mother’s voice is one of the most important sounds babies hear. 

So it is useful for the child to start listening to Arabic words early. It is said that a child does not learn language at a young age, but rather acquires it by hearing, an advantage that may be lost over time.

Use the Arabic language with the child constantly

It is important to expose the child to the arabic language on an ongoing basis and avoid translating from Arabic into the language that the child masters. It may seem difficult at first, but with time the child will be able to deal with the Arabic language smoothly

Teaching the Arabic language through educational stories

There are many educational methods and differ in form and purpose. However, we always advise that you do not limit your use of educational means based on modern technologies, but also include traditional educational means such as the blackboard, chalk, and others. 

Whatever the method, it is necessary for the child to integrate with the chosen method, which will be followed by his interest in the content of the above, and thus the desired educational goal of this method will be achieved.

How to start learning Classical Arabic?

It is worth noting that there are many ways that help you learn complete classical arabic, such as the arabic language courses provided by Al ikhlas academy. In addition, you can follow these steps in learning:

Listening to lectures to learn classical Arabic

Listening is one of the most important things that anyone who wants to learn classical arabic. Therefore, listening to lectures and talks, as well as documentaries in learn classical arabic, will develop your arabic language in terms of letters and sounds.

In light of the technological development that we are experiencing, it has become very easy to learn complete classical arabic. You have the Internet, YouTube, and specialized applications for learning classical Arabic and other languages.

Learn the rules of the classical Arabic language

The second most important thing that you must learn is the rules of parsing and grammar, and like all other languages, learning grammar makes you stand on solid ground.

It is true that the rules of the classical arabic language are not very easy, but with practice and not giving up, it will make you excel one day. There are also many free educational channels that allow people who want to learn classical Arabic to learn its grammar.

And everything related to it, including parsing, grammar, and morphology, so do not skimp on yourself in learning, continue and never give up.

Practice new words every day

Anyone who learn classical arabic must learn at least five new words every day, and know how to put them in different sentences. 

This is also one of the basics of learning any language, especially the arabic language, and use the Arabic dictionary to help you find new words and know their meanings.

Writing and reading

Without a doubt, reading and writing are two inseparable things, and learning any language should not be without them, especially learning classical Arabic.

Try reading short stories at first, or start with one page every day, and over time the page will become two pages and then become a chapter or an entire novel.

How can I memorize Arabic easily?

In addition to the best way to learn classical arabic, there are many tricks that help you learn classical arabic as well as memorize Arabic words easily, including:

Create a study environment

When you study abroad, you will hear and read the language everywhere and learn more quickly by engaging with your surroundings. But you don’t have to go abroad to slowly increase the number of words you know.

You can create a study environment that inspires you wherever you are: buy magazines or books, watch movies, or cook in the language you want to learn (or just all) the local food.

Put words in context

As a good idea to learn more words faster, put them in context. Instead of writing lists of random words, try putting them into sentences. In this way you learn how the word is used in real life. 

It may be easier for you to memorize funny sentences than others. You can also add drawings or pictures to make the sentences you have created come alive.

Learning from life situations

If we are going to talk about context in speech: Movies, TV shows, books, Internet advertisements or songs are not only a great source of the most common words.

But they can also help you memorize vocabulary, because they always come together with a scene, person or situation of life events. 

So, try reading books or watching movies in the original language (with subtitles) and find out what the words mean. If you see or hear a phrase or sentence and do not understand it, write it down, search for its meaning, and memorize it.


The arabic language is one of the difficult languages ​​to learn, especially for non-native speakers. However, learning Arabic is important and  necessary for many people, and success in learning Arabic online.

Can be achieved by listening to Arabic regularly, learning basic grammar and developing basic language skills or join to Al ikhlas academy courses. Using these tips, non-Arabic speakers can achieve success and learn complete classical arabic easily and effectively.

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