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Mastering the Quran: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Online

We’ve been asking a lot of questions lately about how to learn quran online for beginners. Many of our brothers want to learn the Holy Quran but do not know how to begin? Therefore, we conducted comprehensive research to find out the most important information that will benefit in quran online for beginners the Holy Quran in starting with successful and accomplished steps.¬†

Learning the Quran is a great work, and if you make your intention for Allah, Allah will inevitably grant you success, so do not hesitate and start now and ask Allah for help and you will see success and payment, Allah willing. Let us get into the heart of the matter and explain to you the most important tips on learning the Holy Quran in the following lines.

Some tips for online quran learning for beginners

These are some tips that are important regarding to quran online for beginners

1-Sincerity of intention to God Almighty

The first and most important thing we are discussing the topic of learn quran online for beginners is that we advise every believer, male and female, to be sincere to Allah alone in learning and memorizing the Quran, and to aim for the face of Allah and the Hereafter. 

Your intention in memorizing the Book of Allah must be to seek Allah’s face, His pleasure, and His guidance, and to act according to His rulings, and to believe in His information, and to seek healing from His signs. 

If you do that, your intention is good, and thus you avoid hypocrisy. Thus, every time, effort, or money you devote to learning the Holy Quran will receive a great reward from Allah Almighty.

2-Search for a qualified Quran teacher

Some people may think that online quran learning for beginners is difficult, but this is not true. This may be due to the method of memorization or the lack of a teacher to follow up with the student. 

Some may say that I will learn the Quran on my own, as I do not have time to go to Quran memorization sessions in mosques. This is a big trap that many fall into, as they may start memorizing enthusiastically at first, then quickly become lazy and even agree! 

Therefore, memorizing the Holy Quran must be at the hands of a qualified teacher. This is not difficult at all now! Where you can get the best teachers of the Holy Quran online with ease now.

alikhlas academy for Holy Quran Memorization provides qualified and highly experienced teachers to whom need to learn quran online for beginners, in an effort to facilitate teaching the Holy Quran in recitation, memorization, and mastery to our brothers under the supervision of a teacher to memorize the Holy Quran.

Choose a reputable online Quran learning platform

Let us be fair with ourselves, as most of us do not commit unless the service provided is paid! This is not strange, but it is what actually happens to many of us due to our nature, which tends to rest and procrastinate. 

Therefore, although there are many free Quran teaching platforms, such as YouTube channels and other sites, which are certainly useful sites, they can be helpful methods in addition to participating in a specific course to learn quran online for beginners. 


It is best to participate in a platform that has specific courses that deal with each level individually according to a specific curriculum and a specific schedule so that you force yourself to adhere to these courses. 

which will help you a lot in completing your memorization and learning of the Holy Quran quickly and proficiently.

There are many different platforms available, so it is important to choose a platform that has a good reputation. alikhlas academy facilitates this task as it allows you to attend a free real session to get to know the teachers and the method of teaching in a practical way for free without any costs so that you can explore more and be able to form your opinion based on practical experience. 

There are tons of sites that teach the Holy Quran, but why is alikhlas academy the best option to learn quran online for beginners?

online quran learning for beginners

Whatever your level, alikhlas academy will work with you to teach and master the Holy Quran. The student undergoes a test to determine his level and then the appropriate course for him is determined. 

alikhlas academy works with beginner students to control their tongues, teach them the alphabets and the letters of the Arabic language based on their origins, and provide them with abundant vocabulary and meanings.

Fun and useful educational atmosphere

The educational atmosphere at alikhlas academy is friendly and has an atmosphere of vitality and praiseworthy competition between students and teachers. 

As all sessions are live with audio and video to achieve the greatest degree of interaction and participation between students and teachers, it also provides female teachers for the sisters. 

The attendees of the circles adhere to the morals and etiquette of the Holy Quran. In accordance with what he memorizes from it; He is the first person to emulate the morals of the Holy Quran. It also works to enhance the student’s ability to call to Allah Almighty, and to provide him with new skills.

Great flexibility

The courses do not run according to a strict system, but there is a great deal of flexibility, as alikhlas academy provides appropriate class times for him and allows him to choose the intensity of the lessons during the week or month.

In proportion to his ability to accomplish and complete the tasks required of him. Therefore, whatever your circumstances and preoccupations, we will work with you to find time to learn the Quran.

quran online for beginners courses 

Alikhlas academy takes into account all circumstances and takes into account all levels, so it provides quran online for beginners at very reasonable costs that suit all levels.

Be patient and persistent

learn quran online for beginners is a long-term task that takes time and effort. But the biggest advantage of online quran learning for beginners is that there is no loss. Every time and effort you put into learning the Holy Quran is in the balance of your good deeds. 

Do not tire of repeating a verse or surah many times if it is difficult for you, as all of this increases your good deeds and your status with Allah. 

Try to always keep Allah’s pleasure in mind and do not be discouraged if you do not see results immediately. Just keep doing your best and you will eventually achieve the pleasure of learning and memorizing the verses of the Quran.

Set realistic goals for yourself

For beginners, do not try to learn too much too quickly, but start with small, achievable goals until you feel accomplished, then gradually increase your pace. 

You should also find a learning style that suits you. Some people prefer to learn through listening a lot, while others prefer reading. So try different methods until you find the one you enjoy and find the most effective learning.


In the following lines, we discussed the most important tips about how to learn quran online for beginners. It includes having sincere intentions to God, choosing a qualified teacher, being patient, and setting realistic goals appropriate to your abilities. 

We all know that learning the Holy Quran is one of the great tasks, so try to hasten the matter and do not hesitate or worry. You just have to organize your time and everything will go smoothly.

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