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The Ultimate Arabic Writing Course for Beginners

When trying to learn to write Arabic you may face some challenges like using the wrong letter, or not knowing how to connect letters together.

This happens due to not knowing the Arabic alphabet and how they change their shapes when connecting them. Because the Arabic language is different from English, instead of writing each letter alone and not changing its shape, the Arabic letters change their shapes based on their place in the word.

For instance, the letter ‘baa’ is written as follows:

  • When isolated:   ب
  • At the beginning of the word:  بـ
  • In the middle of the word: ـبـ
  • At the end of the word:  ـب

Memorizing these different shapes and knowing when to use each one of them will help you learn Arabic writing in no time. Besides learning the shapes of the letters, you need to learn their right pronunciation, it won’t take much time, just listen to Arabic Alphabet kids’ songs and repeat what you hear. Additionally, you can find a YouTube video that explains the alphabet in an easy way.

But what if I can’t learn on my own and every time, I try I end up failing? How can I learn to write Arabic? The solution to this problem is either hire an Arabic tutor or enroll yourself in an online course.

Is there is Arabic writing course for beginners? Actually yes, there are different Arabic courses that focus on enhancing your level from complete beginner to mastery. All you have to do is to find one that suits your needs.

How do I know if the course is good for me or not? That’s what we will find out in addition to learning about the best Arabic courses for you, Let’s find out.

How to find a good Arabic course online?

In order to know if the course suits your requirements or not you need to read its description. See what the course will cover and if that is what you are looking for or not. If not then find another one, but if yes then you need to discover more about the course and its provider.

Read about the teacher, who is he? Does he have experience in teaching? is he certified? Is he a native Arabi speaker or not? Is he fluent in Arabic? If you find information regarding all of these questions that’s a good thing.

Then come the next step, does the course suit your requirements? For instance, is there a specific time for the lessons or you are free to choose the time based on your requirements? If you are a female then search if female teachers or just males offer the course.

See if the Arabic writing lessons are personalized or you will learn in a group. How can you communicate with the teacher? can you communicate with him/her whenever you need help or you are only allowed to communicate with the tutor in the session?

Based on your research you can then decide if that’s the course you want or not.

Why choose Alikhlas Academy?

What makes Alikhlas Academy courses different from any place else? Here is why:

1. Learn the basics and master the language.

The first step in learning any language is to understand its basics, such as its alphabet, how to pronounce each letter, their distinct shapes, and how their shapes alter depending on their position in the word.

Furthermore, with us, you will learn the most commonly used vocabulary in everyday circumstances, so you will be able to hold a simple conversation from the first lesson. You will also study Arabic grammar in an easy manner because we know you are afraid of it based on what you have heard. But don’t worry, with our highly skilled Arabic tutors, you’ll learn it in a fun and easy method.

 2. Learn the language skills effectively.

When learning Arabic writing or any new language, you should not focus on one skill and ignore the others; instead, you should work on improving all four skills simultaneously: reading, speaking, listening, and writing. And that is exactly what we do for you; our teachers concentrate on the four competencies in every lesson.

If you’re looking for the best Arabic writing lessons, you are in the right place. You will not only learn from native Arabic speakers but all of our courses are accredited. That means you don’t have to be concerned about anything.

 3. Learn about the Arabic culture.

Most courses only teach you academics, however, at Al Ikhlas Academy, you will also learn about Arab culture and Islam. If you plan to visit an Arab country, you will be familiar with its culture, traditions, and habits. Instead of feeling lost in an unfamiliar environment, unsure of what to do or what is right and wrong.

4. Build your Arabic vocabulary list.

To learn to write Arabic and be fluent in it, you must first memorize a variety of vocabulary and terms that will propel your language to the next level. Have you ever felt trapped and unable to communicate effectively? Were you unable to express yourself? This is mainly because you need to work on your vocabulary. But with our Arabic writing lessons, you need to worry no more.

Every session, you will acquire a new set of vocabulary to help you speak and express yourself more easily in any setting. You will be able to hold conversations without faltering or being trapped trying to recall what you want to say. We know what you need and will make certain that you receive it.

5. Learn with Native Arabic teachers.

If you want to master and learn not only Arabic writing but speaking as well and gain perfection you must learn with native Arabic speakers. As a result, all of our Arabic online course instructors are native Arabic speakers. Therefore, you will learn the language accurately and easily.

That is why our course is the best online Arabic course for you; all you have to do is enroll and begin your learning journey in the hands of highly qualified and certified teachers who will ensure your progress and teach you everything you need to know about Arab culture and traditions. Also, you are free to choose whether you want to learn with a male or female teacher.

6. Affordable lessons.

When you finally find the ideal Arabic writing lessons for you, it is usually very expensive and you cannot afford it. As a result, we offer you our online Arabic course, which is both affordable and fits all of your needs. Where you will study everything from the ground up until you are a pro.

7. Certificate of completion

Once you finish the Arabic course and pass all the assignments and assessment test you will receive a certificate of completion that shows your level and prove your mastery of the language.

 8. Personalized lessons

All our courses are personalized so that you can communicate with the teacher easily and practice the language effectively.

 9. Available 24 hours.

All our Arabic learning courses are available 24 hours, meaning that you are free to learn whenever you want and set a learning schedule based on your own requirements.

 10. Free trial session.

Aside from all of the advantages of our Online Arabic Courses, you can also take a free trial session before paying the course fees. This way, you can be certain that it is the perfect course for you and that it has all you require.

 Al Ikhlas Academy Ultimate Arabic Writing Courses for Beginners

Now that you know what you need to look for it is time to discover the best courses for you to help you master Arabic writing in no time. Because we know that it is not easy to find a course that meets your requirements, we designed a collection of courses to spare you the effort. Here they are:

Online Arabic Course

In our Arabic course, you will learn to write the Arabic alphabet, words, sentences, and even write a full paragraph on your own without facing any problems. Among the many things that you will learn are, the Arabic alphabet, their shapes, their different shapes based on their position, how to pronounce each one of them correctly without stuttering, and how to differentiate between them.

Additionally, you will learn the most common words and phrases, how to conduct a conversation, and what to do in different situations like asking for directions or asking for help, furthermore, you will learn Arabic grammar in an easy way.

Intensive Arabic Course

In the intensive Arabic course, you won’t just take Arabic writing lessons, instead, you will learn the Arabic language from the beginning, starting from the Alphabet and how to write them all the way until you master the language. for instance, you will learn the Arabic alphabet, grammar, common Arabic vocabulary, how to express yourself, how to conduct a whole conversation and understand what you hear without needing any translation.  

 Now you know how to learn to write in Arabic and the best course to help you master the language, discover our courses and start learning right away.

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