Surah Al-Mulk

10 Reasons Why Surah Mulk Should Be Your Bedside Companion Every Night

surah mulk is known as the savior from the torment of the grave and the deterrent from it. It is one of the Meccan surahs, and it is the first surah of Juz Tabarak, Part Twenty-Nine.

surah al mulk, one of the surahs that was revealed in Mecca, and it is known that the Meccan Quran did not include jurisprudential rulings, but rather it revolved around what is related to the monotheism of Allah Almighty, and proving that with conclusive tangible evidence.

In addition to addressing the polytheists, and alerting them to the danger of polytheism with Allah Almighty, so in the following lines we will discuss the benefit of reciting surah mulk.

The reason for calling it Surah Al-Mulk

surah mulk is one of the surahs that was revealed in the Meccan era. Therefore, it is a Meccan surah, the number of its verses is thirty verses, and its order in the Qur’an is the sixty-seventh surah. 

surah al mulk invites its reader to think and contemplate what Allah created the heavens and the earth. Because this contemplation brings a person to a true knowledge of Allah Almighty.

surah al mulk has seven names mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the Noble Prophet’s Sunnah. The first of them is a surah that is tbark because the word appears at its beginning, Almonjia because it saves its companion from Hell, Almaniaa because it prevents its companion from the torment of the grave. 

Aldafiaa because it wards off the affliction of this world and the torment of the hereafter, Alshafiaa because it intercedes on the Day of Resurrection, Almojadila because it argues with the two kings of the grave and dialogues with them, defending its owner from torment, and Almokhlisa. Because it fights the lords of hell and prevents them from torturing its owner.

As for calling it Almoulk; Because it includes much that indicates the sovereignty and power of Allah – Glory be to Him – and His ability, and the effects they have on His being. Of the ability to revive and cause death, forgiveness, victory over enemies, and other effects of his kingdom

What are the topics of Surat Al-Mulk?

In addition to benefit of reciting surah mulk, the most important topics included in surah mulk are:

  • Among the benefit of reciting surah mulk, is that defining the greatness of Allah Almighty, His unique dominion, and His power over everything.
  • surah mulk includes an explanation of the wisdom behind the creation of death and life.
  • surah al mulk mentioned some of the manifestations of His power, Glory be to Him, and His unique creation of the highest worlds with the utmost perfection.
  • Among the benefit of reciting surah mulk, that the sura includes an explanation of the evil punishment of the unbelievers and the punishment that Allah has prepared for them, and an explanation of the good punishment of the believers.
  • surah mulk includes an explanation of the breadth of Allah Almighty’s knowledge and that nothing is hidden from Him, whether it is secret or public.
  • Reminder of the gift of creating this land, making it suitable for people’s lives, and commanding them to strive in it and benefit from the many blessings it contains.
  • A warning of Allah’s oppression and punishment, and a reminder of what happened to previous unbelievers.
  • The call to contemplate and contemplate the sight of birds standing clear in the air, and the conditions of their souls, and that there is no helper besides Allah, and that if he withholds his provision, there is no provider for them other than Him, Glory be to Him, the Most High.
  • Setting an example for the people of faith and the people of disbelief, the people of truth and the people of falsehood.

Objectives of Surat Al-Mulk

When it comes to benefit of reciting surah mulk. There are a number of purposes stated in surah mulk, which are explained as follows:

Surah Al-Mulk came to achieve a great purpose; 

surah al mulk manifests itself in calling people to believe in Allah Almighty, using various methods. Such as enticing and intimidating, and providing conclusive evidence, then He – Glory be to Him – made the connection between the Noble Surah and the Forbidden Surah that preceded it from this perspective.

Surah Al-Mulk clearly shows what Allah has bestowed upon His servants

which indicates the greatness of His power and dominion. He – Glory be to Him – is the Creator of everything in the universe, the Sustainer, the Dominant, the Great of authority and prestige. 

He created man, plants, and animals, created the earth and the sky, created hearing, sight, and hearts. Death and life, and all a person has to do is think about these creatures, so that they will be a reason to guide him to the existence of a great Creator who manages this universe.

The Surah explains what punishment 

Allah has prepared for whoever prevents himself from looking and contemplating the universe. These are the people of misguidance for whom Allah has prepared punishment and torment. As for whoever fears his Lord, the reward is forgiveness, reward, honor, and salvation from torment on the Day of Resurrection.

benefit of reciting surah mulk

The benefits of reciting surah mulk daily is one of the important things that Muslims are keen on, because this recitation has great virtues, including increasing human good deeds, including protection from Satan and his whispers.

As well as imitating the teachings that Allah has commanded us to follow. Among the important surahs that are considered to have many aspects that help us in this world and the hereafter is surah mulk.

So we will discuss in the lines the most important benefit of reciting surah mulk and many aspects and information about it.

1-Surat Al-Mulk increases the good deeds of a Muslim

surah al mulk is one of the surahs that increase good deeds for a Muslim. It is like many surahs of the Qur’an. Every letter of the Qur’an is equal to ten good deeds, and one good deed is equivalent to it or more according to the amount of the Muslim person and his devotion to Allah Almighty. 

2-Surat Al-Mulk gives confidence and strength to the Muslim who believes in Allah 

Among the benefits of reciting surah mulk daily and its important topics are about monotheism and belief in Allah, and that power is in the hands of Allah alone, and that we are all slaves of Allah, Glory be to Him, with His power and strength. 

surah al mulk also teaches us many things and introduces us to the horrors of the Resurrection and the scenes of the afterlife, between reckoning, reward and punishment, and the remorse shown by the oppressors as a result of their disbelief, stubbornness and ingratitude.

3-Surat Al-Mulk contains many special topics that confirm Muslims to their faith

Among them is the glorification of the power of Allah Almighty, and that He is the one who dominates us all with His power, strength, and power around Him, Glory be to Him. It also contains topics about threatening the unbelievers with Hell and a difficult reckoning as a result of their disbelief and stubbornness. 

4-surah mulk is a barrier to the torment of the grave.

5-Among the benefit of reciting surah mulk It is a saving grace for the one who remembers and continues to read it every night before going to sleep.

6-Arguing on behalf of its owner on the Day of Resurrection. This Surah will come on the Day of Resurrection and will argue on behalf of its owner to bring him into the Garden of Bliss.

7-surah al mulk will keep him away from the torment of Hell.

8-surah mulk brings good deeds and rewards to its owner. Whoever reads it daily before going to sleep will obtain many good deeds and rewards. For every letter of the Qur’an there is a good deed.

9-An intercessor for its owner until he is forgiven on the Day of Resurrection.

surah mulk mishary


surah mulk is one of the Meccan surahs and is located at the head of the twenty-ninth part of the Book of Allah, Blessed and Most High, which is called Part Blessed, as surah al mulk is a blessed Surah, and it is the deterrent, and it is the savior, and it is the argument on behalf of its owner on the Day of Resurrection.

There are several benefit of reciting surah mulk mentioned in the Sunnah of the Prophet. It prevents its owner from the torment of the grave and the torment of Hell, Allah willing, and it is one of the reasons for entering Paradise. 

Also, the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – used to recite it regularly, and it is Sunnah to recite it every night, and it contains many Lessons and lessons that have a positive impact on the life of a Muslim.

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