first 10 ayats of surah kahf

10 Verses, 10 Miracles in first 10 ayats of surah kahf

surah kahf is the eighteenth surah in the order of the Qur’an. As for the order of revelation, it was revealed after Surah Al-Ghashiya, and the number of its verses is one hundred and ten verses. It is one of the surahs that began with praise to Allah and included a number of stories. 

surah kahf is found within the sixteenth part of the Quran, and the two parts. The thirty and thirty-one, and it was called surah al kahf because of the divine miracle that occurred in the story of the Companions of the Cave.

Below we will learn about surah al kahf in detail, as well as the virtue of reading the first 10 ayats of surah kahf.

The time of the revelation of Surat Al-Kahf

surah al kahf is one of the last Meccan surahs that was revealed in Mecca before the Hijra. This surah was revealed after Surah Al-Ghashiya, and some scholars considered it to be one of the surahs that were revealed in one sentence.

The reason for the revelation of Surat Al-Kahf

In addition to the virtue of reading the first 10 ayats of surah kahf. surah kahf was one of the pieces of evidence that came as confirmation of the prophecy of Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. first 10 ayats of surah kahf were revealed at a time when the people of Mecca suffered from injustice and oppression. 

surah al kahf also explained what the Companions of the Cave suffered from, so it was like relief after distress, and it was mentioned in the reason for the revelation of surah kahf: The polytheists sent two Jewish men to the rabbis to ask them about their opinion on Muhammad’s call. 

The rabbis’ response to them was to ask Muhammad about a group of boys, and about a man who roamed the earth and reached its west and east, and the revelation came down to answer those questions with the revelation of the first 10 ayats of surah kahf.

Contents of Surat Al-Kahf

surah al kahf mainly includes stories that contain many lessons and lessons, as follows:

The story of the Companions of the Cave 

The story of the People of the Cave is the first story presented in surah kahf, as the story sheds light on the importance of sincerity of faith and the strength of belief, and this was demonstrated in practice by turning away from everything that contradicted it in a real way.

With no hesitation or ambiguity, as the heroes of the story were young men who saw their people. They live in misguidance and flounder in the darkness of polytheism, having no proof or authority over what they claim, except that they felt within themselves a zeal for the truth.

And they were unable to remain in this misguided environment, so they left their homelands, isolated themselves in their cave, and preferred their afterlife over their world. In the story there is a parable for every right holder.

The Story of the Companions of the Two Gardens 

In the story of the Companions of the Two Gardens, surah kahf records a dialogue between two men. The first was blessed by Allah Almighty with two great gardens planted with the best grapes, crops and fruits. These two gardens were surrounded by palm trees, and between them was a river that Allah made to be irrigated with it. 

However, this man forgot the favor of his Lord upon him, and attributed The credit to himself, and he had a dialogue with his friend, who was a poor believing man, in a dialogue in which he attributed the money and children to his virtue and himself. 

His poor believing friend responded by reminding him that the credit belongs to Allah alone, and after the first man insisted on his position, Allah sent a torment in which he destroyed both gardens, so the man knew at that time that Allah is the Provider, the Provider of grace and grace.

The story of Adam and Iblis

surah al kahf presented the story of Adam and Iblis, and it warned the children of Adam not to take Satan and his offspring as allies instead of Allah Almighty. 

Then the surah mentions a situation in the afterlife, where the partners are called but they do not answer, and they are sought for protection but they do not seek protection. Then Hell emerges, and the criminals see it. This is an example for people.

The story of Moses with the righteous servant 

surah al kahf mentions the story of Moses – peace be upon him – and the righteous man to demonstrate the laws of the universe and its signs, some of which are clear to the servants, and some of which are hidden from their knowledge and insight. 

If the servants believe in them, there is no longer room for wonder about the matter of the Hour. It is nothing but a change brought about by the Creator of the universe and the Owner of its command. 

Thus, the known Sunnahs are replaced by other Sunnahs. Whoever is able to create the Sunnahs in the beginning will be able to change them in the end.

The story of Dhul-Qarnayn 

Dhul-Qarnayn is one of the servants of Allah Almighty to whom Allah granted strength and empowerment, so He gave him a reason for everything, and some people took refuge in him. 

To prevent them from corrupting people, so he saved them and helped them, and Allah Almighty made his work in this a mercy for people.

Quran Recitation Course

What is the best time to read Surat Al-Kahf?

The time for reading first 10 ayats of surah kahf begins on Friday night and on its day, and it’s time begins at sunset on Thursday, and ends with sunset on Friday, while the Fatwa House confirmed that it is desirable to read surah kahf at any time of the day or night of Friday, and it is also permissible to read it secretly or aloud.

Dar Al-Iftaa confirmed that there is nothing wrong with reading the Qur’an in mosques on Friday before Friday prayers, including surah al kahf, because it is a good thing that brings people together to the Book of Allah Almighty and prepares them to perform Friday rituals.

The wisdom behind reading Surat Al-Kahf on Friday

Reciting first 10 ayats of surah kahf on Friday has great merit and reward, and many countless benefits, including the following:

  • Among the benefits that have been said about reading the first 10 ayats of surah kahf on Friday is that it protects its reader from the temptations of this world and from the temptations of the Antichrist when the Hour approaches.
  • The Antichrist will command people to worship him instead of Allah Almighty, and he will perform actions that will make them believe him, but whoever recites that surah and memorizes its verses will be protected from his temptation.
  • The reader of surah kahf will also be protected from the temptation of knowledge, because the Antichrist will tell them things from the knowledge of the unseen.
  • The reciter of surah al kahf will also be protected from the temptation of power, as the Antichrist controls a large area of land.
  • And also from the temptation of religion, because it will ask weak souls to worship it instead of Allah Almighty.
  • And from the temptation of money, this is because surah al kahf guides people to the reality of money.
  • Reciting first 10 ayats of surah kahf on a Friday provides light for the Muslim between the two Fridays and even an additional three days.

To summarize the above, reading the first 10 ayats of surah kahf has great merit and a great impact on the Muslim, and he has designated the reading of surah kahf on Friday, as reciting it on this day has a great reward and many hadiths have been appreciated, as many stories have been mentioned in surah al kahf, which We have written it down in detail in our article.

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