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Innovative Approaches to Islamic Studies Curriculum You Need to Know

The process of teaching islamic studies curriculum represents an important part of the educational system at all levels of general education, which confirms that what applies to the teaching system in general with all its elements and components of development and modernization applies to teaching Islamic studies in theory and practice. 

Therefore, today we will explore the most prominent curriculum for islamic studies presented by alikhlas academy, which helps Muslims in all parts of the world to delve deeper into Islam and understand its meanings better.

Content of islamic studies curriculum

islamic studies curriculum contains many different levels, and teaches students everything from the noble Prophetic hadiths and comic stories to memorizing the word of Allah by heart and soul.

In this academy and this course in particular, we teach students the methodology of writing Allah and being guided by the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

Below, we will present methods for teaching Islamic studies and how to facilitate it for students, as well as an overview of our academy.

Islamic studies curriculm and its methods

Accordingly, teaching Islamic studies curriculm, in light of the great importance it occupies and the great status it occupies, is considered a pioneering field and a pioneer in adopting all contemporary and modern trends in teaching, based on its nature, principles.

And inherent components that are relied upon in light of the nature and characteristics of the true Islamic religion, which made it Allah Almighty is a religion that is valid for every time and place.

Moreover, islamic studies teachers have resorted to using a number of modern methods and approaches in teaching Islamic studies, including the following:

1-Technology-enhanced scientific discussion

A method based on purposeful discussion and dialogue. It is a method of reaching specific results that gain the satisfaction of the discussants, and its basis is the organized, actual participation of students under the supervision and guidance of their teacher. 

The teacher in islamic studies curriculum may take over the discussion or assign the most distinguished students or a group of them to manage it according to a plan he sets, provided that he remains in all cases a source of direction, guidance, supervision and organization. 

The discussion method takes multiple methods that differ according to the circumstances and available capabilities. One of the most important features of this educational method of teaching is that it takes the usual form and the modern form at the same time.

Through the use of modern communication and communications techniques, such as electronic programs, social networking sites, and chat, in order to enrich the discussion and dialogue sessions, in addition to enhancing Educational details for Islamic studies curriculum and explaining them correctly.

2-E-learning and social networking sites

The educational process has witnessed an amazing development in the last period of the 21st century, especially in teaching methods and techniques, which included the field of Islamic studies. Electronic technology has made the need of individuals and institutions an urgent and permanent need for development, innovation and creativity. 

Accordingly, social networking networks such as Facebook and Twitter have gained great popularity in activating teaching methods by making the world of teaching easier and easier for learners, breaking the barriers of time and space. 

Through the launch of many educational platforms for explanations, classes, and evaluations of Islamic studies curriculum and others, making it easier for all Students are the process of direct and continuous communication with the teacher.

3-Business sheets

It is an electronic or paper newspaper and is often used in its new form electronically and technically by assigning the student to many tasks in order to accomplish them, which include reading, observing, analyzing, and arranging ideas, results.

And conclusions for the educational understanding of one of the lessons of Islamic education, provided that the modern educational method in teaching Islamic studies carries educational objectives. 

4- Pictures and animated films

Pictures and animated films have an impact in bringing perceptions closer, clarifying them, and giving them a vivid picture. It can be used to present the Hajj rites, rituals, and places. 

It can also be used to present a picture of the houses of Allah Almighty in the entire world, or to present the various prayers such as the Friday prayer, the two Eid prayers, and rain rain. 

Moving images, such as documentaries, play a role in what we call verbalization, that is, relying solely on language in education. 

This method constitutes an effective method in the 21st century in teaching curriculum for islamic studies because it reduces time and effort and is easy to obtain, in addition to its speed in consolidating information and educational classes in the minds of students.


It is one of the modern educational means of communication with a praiseworthy effect, as practical explanation is used, and it aims to develop a certain attitude among students. 

The first teacher, Muhammad, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, used it a lot in teaching Muslims the Islamic religion, but in its old form, including, for example, presentations. 

The process in teaching prayer and Hajj rituals. This updated educational method does not stop at its old form, but rather uses technical explanations electronically and displays educational videos on how to perform prayer and other religious classes. 

Electronic technology is also used to implement demonstrations through presentation programs, modern scientific screens, PowerPoint programs, etc., and from this it becomes clear to us the importance of practical demonstrations in teaching curriculum for islamic studies, including ablution, tayammum

alikhlas academy

At alikhlas academy, we have everything that is new and available and innovative methods for teaching Islamic studies with ease and convenience in dealing.

We also have the most qualified teachers, who are at a high level of competence and do their best to deliver the correct information to the students, who are like a second home to them.

alikhlas academy is proud to offer all Islamic Studies curriculum teaching methods online, designed to help Muslims enhance their understanding of Islam. 

The Academy also looks forward to everything that is new and available in order to facilitate students’ requirements and memorize their lessons as well, all of which are designed to provide students with the necessary skills to master Islamic studies in a correct and organized manner.

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So, if you are looking to advance and learn more about Islamic studies, why not enroll in alikhlas academy online? start now! We look forward to helping you learn everything new as a practicing Muslim.

We at alikhlas academy are very proud to have you with us online, and our goal is for students to gain a better understanding of their religion and grow closer to Allah Almighty. 

We also wish you good luck on your journey towards further learning in the humanities and Islamic sciences.


We conclude from the above that the methods of teaching curriculum for islamic studies in its modern form are nothing but an image of exploiting all the developments, technical components.

And electronic scientific means in the educational process in a way that serves it, enhances the achievement of its goals, and makes teaching an easy and beneficial task. We also presented the methods for teaching Islamic studies and how to facilitate it for students, as well as an overview of our academy.

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