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Real People Share Their Quran Memorization Program Experiences

Many of our brothers are looking for quran memorization program, which is a great thing, as the best thing a Muslim can invest his time in is reciting and memorizing the Holy Quran.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Such a person as recites the Qur’an and masters it by heart, will be with the noble righteous scribes (in Heaven). And such a person exerts himself to learn the Qur’an by heart, and recites it with great difficulty, will have a double reward.” Narrated by Aisha:

Therefore, all your attempts to memorize the Holy Quran are truly successful and you will be rewarded for them by Allah Almighty if your results are sincere for the sake of Allah. Let us try to help you in this great task by presenting the best ways to memorize the Holy Quran and explaining a quran memorization program that you can imitate to facilitate and improve your memorization.

best way to memorize quran 

We are all searching for the best way to memorize quran, but in reality there are many ways for quran memorization. According to the diverse types of people, their abilities to absorb information, and their abilities to memorize, a certain method, such as writing down what has been memorized, is the ideal method for this person. 

So the best way to memorize quran is to find a method that suits you and is consistent with your memorization practice. You can easily find out the appropriate method for you by knowing your personal style in memorizing the Holy Quran. Personality types are divided into:

1-Visual style

It is one of the most famous patterns in quran memorization, as this method depends on reading and writing the Holy Quran. The method of writing is one of the successful practical methods that helps to consolidate the verses in the mind of the memorizer. 

There are many means of writing, including: paper and pen, writing on the board with chalk, and writing through the use of modern electronic technologies. So he writes what he wants to memorize. Then he erases the verses little by little until he is able to memorize the entire passage. 

In addition to using the same Quran every time you memorize it; So that the person looks at the Quran, then memorizes the layout of the verses and their formation. By looking at it carefully, and then closing the Quran, he sees the verses and their drawing as if they were before his eyes.

2-Auditory pattern

Using the sense of hearing in quran memorization is considered one of the effective and successful methods for many hearing people, children, and illiterate people who cannot read and write, and this is done in more than one way. 

Either through listening to the Holy Quran a lot, reciting it on the tongue, and singing along with its recitation, as he – peace and blessings be upon him – said: (He is not among us who does not sing the Quran). Narrated by Al-Bukhari, in Sahih Al-Bukhari, on the authority of Abu Hurairah, page or number: 7527, authentic.

3-Sensory pattern

The sensual person is the one who can memorize verses by understanding their meanings and implications, in addition to his knowledge of the reasons for the revelation, his familiarity with the interpretation of those verses, and among the things that help him memorize. 

Some tips that may help in memorizing the Holy Quran

Here are some steps to help you in quran memorization program, such as:

1-Set realistic goals

Be realistic about how much of the Holy Quran you want to memorize at a given time, based on your ability and the time available for quran memorization

2-Find a good teacher 

Having a qualified teacher will help you in quran memorization, as he will direct you to the ideal method and act as a guide for you in the quran memorization program. 

So look for a qualified professional teacher who can help you with your pronunciation and recitation. Alikhlas academy provides the opportunity to obtain the best teachers of the Holy Quran wherever you are online. 

It has a wonderful elite of qualified teachers who have long experience in teaching the Holy Quran to non-Arabic speakers. You can try it in practice with the free trial. 

Alikhlas Academy allows you to attend a practical session with one of its teachers totally for free! so that you can get to know the method and style of teaching in a realistic way. Do not hesitate and take your chance now.

3-Choose the appropriate time and place

You must choose a time when your concentration is high, for example, after the dawn prayer or after the afternoon prayer, where you can concentrate at a high level, which makes it easier for you to memorize. 

4-Use memory techniques

There are many different memory techniques that you can use in quran memorization. Some common techniques in the Holy Quran memorization program include repetition, association, and visualization.

5-Reciting the Quran out loud

You can read the Quran out loud as this will help you remember the words and pronunciation better. You can also record this recitation and listen to it to improve your recitation.

6-Teach others what you have memorized

On the authority of Othman bin Affan, may Allah be pleased with him, on the authority of the Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, who said: “The best of you is the one who learns and teaches the Quran.” [Sahih] – [Narrated by Al-Bukhari]

Therefore, teaching what you have memorized or understood from the Quran to others and helping others learn the Quran is a great matter for you and has a great reward from Allah. In addition to the great reward, it is also a wonderful way to consolidate your memorization.

Quran memorization program 

Below is a quran memorization program that you can try:

1-Choose a short passage from the Quran to memorize

First, you should listen to a sheik whose voice you like as he reads this passage, paying attention to the pronunciation and rhythm of the words. Research the interpretation of the verses and understand the meaning of the verses you memorize.

As this will help you memorize and remember the verses more easily and benefit more from the beauty, depth, and meanings of the Quran. 

Link the verses together. This will help you remember the verses in order.

Read the passage out loud several times.

2-Review what you memorized

After memorizing the passage, do not leave it because the Quran is quickly forgotten if it is reviewed. Therefore, you must review it regularly to ensure that you do not forget it. You can play the surah you have memorized as you carry out your daily activities, while driving a car, while exercising, at work, or at home.


As a summary, we talked about the quran memorization program and mentioned an example of that if you want to memorize verses from the Holy Quran. We also mentioned the best way to memorize the quran. Alikhlas Academy can help you to obtain an expert teacher and a comprehensive course for memorizing the Holy Quran. We ask Allah to make it easy for us and for you to memorize the Quran and benefit from it.

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