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Read the Way Arabic Reading Strategies for Fast Skill Development

How can I enhance my Arabic reading skills? Is there an easy way to do so? Well, in order to do so you have to follow a good plan, which we will discuss shortly.

Many Arabic learners seek to enhance their reading skills but don’t know where to start and how they can practice it. While some don’t even understand the importance of enhancing their Arabic reading skills.

When learning any new language, it is essential to work on all the language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. When it comes to reading and speaking, they are a bit close to each other. Because once you enhance your reading skill you will add new vocabulary to your list and be able to speak fluently.

As a native English speaker, can I learn the Arabic language easily? In the matter of fact, yes, you can learn Arabic easily and fast. I know that what I’m saying is different from what you heard but it’s the truth. The Arabic language is not as complicated as you think, it just takes time and persistence. Plus, if you have a goal that you want to achieve it will be even easier.

People tend to judge things based on their own experience, and for some, they don’t even know why they want to learn Arabic, therefore they find it difficult to keep learning, and mostly they will just give up and say that the language is difficult. But on the other hand, there are many Arabic learners around the world who were a beginner one day and now they speak it fluently and even help others learn it.

Arabic is similar to any other language, if you like it and have a reason that encourages you to learn it will be easy to learn. But if you don’t know why you’re learning it then you simply won’t be able to keep going.

Okay, now I’m eager to learn Arabic, tell me, what is the best way to learn to read Arabic for beginners? If you want to know then keep reading.

Why Learn To Read Arabic?

Before we start discussing the best Arabic learning strategies first let’s understand why you should learn to read Arabic. Is Arabic reading important? Yes, it is important to learn to read Arabic, especially if you want to be fluent in it.

Why is it important? Because it eases your learning journey, as we stated above, learning Arabic reading and enhancing this skill will enhance your speaking skills as well. Tell me how will you learn and memorize new words if you can’t even read them? Reading helps you build your vocabulary list, which is essential for learning a new language.

To read Arabic you need to learn its alphabet, which is not difficult, rather it’s too easy and won’t take much of your time. Furthermore, when you learn to read Arabic, you will be prepared to conduct a conversation or chat with Arab speakers, which will enhance your language significantly.

If your plan is to travel to an Arab country, do you think that everything will be written in English? Of course not, you will be surrounded by Arabic text. Then how will you read it if you didn’t learn to Read Arabic? Reading is one of the main skills that you need to acquire, and there is no way you can neglect or skip it.

 9 Best ways to learn Arabic reading.

How to read Arabic fluently? Is there is way to do so? Yes, there is, and here is the best Arabic learning plan to follow:

1. Learn and Master the Arabic Alphabet.

When learning any new language, it is essential to learn its writing system and its alphabet. Luckily for you, the Arabic Alphabet is easy to learn and memorize. There are only 28 letters and most of them are similar to the English letters.

For instance, the letter ‘R’ in Arabic is written as ‘ر’, and it is pronounced the same as ‘R’. The letters that are not present in English are only three letters and they are not difficult to learn. These three letters are ‘خ’, ‘غ’, ‘ض’.

Furthermore, most Arabic Alphabet are similar in shape, and they are differentiated by a dot, like the letters (ب,ت,ث ). So, once you memorize one of them you will easily memorize the rest of the family.

When you learn Arabic reading you should keep in mind that Arabic is written and read from right to left.

تَاءtā̛تتــتــت ـة
هَاءhā̛ه هـهــهــه

 2. Learn the root of the word.

In Arabic there is what is called a root system, meaning that every word has its root. Learning the root system of the language will help you memorize more words in no time. Plus it helps you learn Arabic reading faster. The words that have the same root are similar in meaning, so you won’t face any problems when you build your vocabulary list.   


3. To learn to read Arabic Don’t stop reading.

To learn to read Arabic you have to practice a lot. Read any Arabic text that you come across, read kids Arabic books, articles, posts, or anything that interest you. once you find a new word mark it, write it and its definition in your note. It would be even better if you wrote a sentence of yours.

4. Mark the text.

Another valuable step is marking new words, important notes, and quotes that you like. This step is not just for learning Arabic reading, teach yourself to follow this method whenever you read any book, novel, or research because it will help you concentrate and focus your thoughts.  

5. Make a vocabulary list.

When you learn Arabic reading it is essential to keep a notebook with you and note any word that you come across. This way you can get back to it whenever you need to.

6. Learn Arabic reading by Summarizing the text.

When you read a book or Arabic try to summarize it in a few sentences, and don’t worry if the structure of the sentence is not correct, what is important is to practice your Arabic reading skill. Write the important points in your notebook and read it aloud, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

7. Name everything in Arabic.

Try to name and describe everything around you in Arabic, if you see anything in Arabic try to name it, and narrate your day in Arabic. With time you will see how good you get not just in Arabic reading, but in Arabic speaking as well.

8. Learn with your friends.

If you have a friend who seeks to learn to read Arabic then study and practice together. For instance, you can set a time to practice reading, read a chapter of a novel or a book, and encourage each other. Help each other to get better.

9. Learn to read Arabic with Helpful Applications.

There are many applications that are designed for learning and practicing new languages. For instance, there is a great application and website called ‘duolingo’ which teaches you the language with the help of fun and engaging games. With this app, you will learn new Arabic phrases, words, and Grammar, in addition to practicing your speaking skills. So it is an effective app and you have got to try it.

‘Memrise’ is another fun and effective app that helps you learn new words, and sentences easily, in addition to Arabic grammar.

10. Enroll in an Arabic reading course.

The final step is to enroll in an Arabic reading course, there are many Arabic language online courses and many of them focus on enhancing your reading and speaking skills. For instance, we offer an Arabic reading course to help you master the language quickly and easily. Plus, you get to practice your language and learn from a native Arabic speaker, as all our teachers are native Arabic speakers to help you learn the right pronunciation of the words and letters.  


Now we know how to effectively learn Arabic reading and the tools that we need to do so. The first step is learning the Arabic alphabet and how to pronounce each letter, and don’t worry they are similar to the English alphabet.

Also, you have to practice Arabic reading by reading any Arabic text that you come across. Read Arabic books, novels, articles, or anything that you like.

That’s it for today, we wish you a happy and fun learning journey, and if you need any help don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or contact us.  

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