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Journey of Little Hafiz: Kids Making Quran Memorization Fun

In the era of digitalization and modernity, and with the advancement of knowledge that has affected all fields, it has become necessary for parents to benefit from everything new.

Especially in online quran memorization classes and teaching them the Holy Qur’an. In this article, we present to you educational ideas and methods, including superior hadith and authentic traditional ones, to help you memorize quran for kids.

online quran memorization classes

The online quran memorization classes offered by Al ikhlas academy aim to provide the following services to quran memorizer kids:

  • Creating a comprehensive, integrated, and distinctive program for memorize quran for kids paves the way for those who want to memorize the Qur’an with precision and mastery.
  • Eliminating all the difficulties and obstacles that prevent a person from memorizing the words of his Lord Almighty.
  • online quran memorization classes will cause many Muslims to return to adhering to the word of their Lord. Thus, they attain all goodness, and all evil are warded off from them.
  • Work on a distinct memorization and review mechanism that connects every participant in the program towards control and mastery, not just memorization and presentation.
  • Helping every participant in online quran memorization classes to contemplate the Book of Allah Almighty, through the objective division of the verses.
  • Providing various conservation programs and curricula for all age levels, appropriate to all human abilities and differences.

How can I make my Quran memorization fun for kids?

It is worth noting that Al ikhlas academy follow educational and entertaining methods in the field of kids memorize quran, and among these methods are the following:

Memorizing short and easy surahs

Starting by memorizing short and easy surahs is one of the best ways to memorize quran for kids in an enjoyable way. Where children can learn and memorize shorter and easier surahs faster and more effectively. 

Quranic stories in an interesting way

Using stories from the Holy Qur’an in an interesting way is one of the best ways to quran memorizer kids in an enjoyable way for children. Stories of the prophets and interesting historical events can be used to engage children and increase their interest in learning. 

Animations, games, and interactive activities can be used to convey Quranic stories in an interesting and fun way. Children can enjoy hearing stories, comprehend them easily, and thus memorize information better.

Quran memorization competitions among children

Competitions in memorizing the Holy Qur’an among children are considered an effective way to motivate and encourage them to learn and memorize holy quran. 

These competitions provide a fun and stimulating learning environment, as children compete in memorizing verses and surahs, and the winners receive exciting prizes. 

Competitions help children adhere to a schedule for memorizing the Qur’an and make significant progress in understanding and memorizing the Holy Book.

Memorizing the Qur’an with the help of prizes

Prizes and rewards are an effective tool to encourage children to memorize the Qur’an and continue to practice this good practice. Awards can be used in a variety of ways, such as awarding certificates of appreciation and medals, or providing small material rewards or incentive gifts.

Recording the child’s voice and encouraging him to memorize

Recording the child’s voice while memorizing the Qur’an is one of the effective ways to increase the child’s concentration and encourage him to memorize holy quran. 

Parents can record part of the Holy Qur’an and encourage the child to listen and repeat the verses after hearing. This method helps the child improve his recitation and clarify the mistakes he may make.

Listening and reciting the Qur’an regularly

It is important that the child has the opportunity to listen to the Holy Quran on a regular basis. Parents can set a specific time in the day to listen to the Holy Quran with their children and recite it to them. 

Parents can also organize group recitation sessions, where the child participates in the recitation of some parts and listens to the recitation of others. These activities help the child develop interest in the Qur’an and enhance a personal connection to it.

How do I motivate my child to read the Quran?

There is no doubt that kids memorize quran may be difficult, so Al ikhlas academy use modern methods in online quran memorization classes, and among these methods are the following:

Read the Qur’an in front of him (the imitation instinct)

This idea develops in the child a love of imitation, which is an innate nature that Allah created man, with your reading of the Qur’an in front of him or with him motivates and even makes the Qur’an endear to the child.

Unlike if you ordered him to do so and he does not see you doing it. The matter would be more complete if the mother and father met with the children to read, even if for a short period.

Give him his own Qur’an (possessive instinct)

Giving your child a special Qur’an responds to his love of ownership. Although this instinct appears clearly with the child’s relationship with his toys, it is also present with what you give him. Make him attached to his own Qur’an to read it and turn it whenever he wants.

Tell him stories from the Holy Quran

The child loves stories very much, so tell him the stories of the Qur’an in a vocabulary and style that suits the child’s understanding and perceptions. 

Stories should be limited to what is mentioned in the Qur’anic text so that the child relates to the Qur’an, and the conclusion of the story should be a reading of the text of the Qur’an so that the connection is achieved and the child’s vocabulary is developed, especially Quranic vocabulary.

Make the Qur’an your companion everywhere

You can apply this idea by putting Juz Amma in his bag, for example. This comforts him and connects him to the Qur’an, especially in cases of stress and fear, as he feels secure as long as he has the Qur’an with him, provided that he learns the etiquette of dealing with the Qur’an.

How to teach Quran in a fun way?

At this stage of online quran memorization classes, it is preferable for the child to start with short surahs because they are the easiest and quickest to memorize holy quran

  • Every mother makes sure, before her child goes to sleep, to sing some tunes for him, and this is beautiful. The most beautiful thing is to have one of the short surahs with him, and repeat its verses to the child’s hearing every night, and this will make the child memorize them with ease.
  • When I play with the child or when I help him put on his clothes, I repeat these verses to him several times with some movements, so there must be a dynamic atmosphere with memorize quran for kids.
  • I take my child with me while performing the prayer so he can pray and I recite those verses to him. There are two benefits to memorizing the prescribed verses for memorization and to get him accustomed to prayer.
  • The child must be rewarded by giving him something he likes, for example a piece of candy or a game in return for his effort, even if he did not save
  • Continue repeating the verse, even if it takes you days, and we do not move on to the next verse until he memorizes the previous one.
  • Buy him some toys that teach the Qur’an, such as a device

Hoopoe, Baba Salam device and many others. This played a major role in my children’s memorization of the Qur’an at the age of It’s early, so let’s make sure to acquire it and count the reward for that

  • Ask your child to read what he has memorized in front of others to encourage him to memorize and be a motivation for him.
  • Give him expressions of praise and praise in front of his relatives for his memorization.
  • Throw a simple party for the family on the occasion of your son’s memorization of the Qur’an. This will be a strong motivation for him to complete the rest of the memorization. This will be costly for the family, but it is all easy for the sake of memorizing the Qur’an.

kids memorize quran in an enjoyable way is an educational process provided by Al ikhlas academy that aims to teach children the Holy Qur’an in a way that encourages them to participate and have fun. This effective and innovative method provides children with the opportunity to learn and memorize holy quran in a way that they like and makes learning it fun instead of a burden.

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